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Importance of Broadcast Captioning

Captions are words that are displayed on a television or mobile screen, that describes the spoken dialogues from the video. Captions are important since it acts as an aid for the deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Even for people who do not have any hearing impairments can make us captions to grasp the video’s content clearly, as visualization is more influential than hearing. Understanding even the subtle elements from a movie or documentary is clearly understood, since broadcast captioning ensures displaying sounds and movements as well.

Get the Best Broadcast Captioning Services

Any captioning programmed for a film or video must have clear transcript of the video. With over 800+ experienced transcriptionists and captioners, Transcription Services US offers the best quality broadcast captioning services for multiple industries. Being an international broadcast captioning company, we support 100+ languages. Our broadcast captioning gives texts that are easily comprehensible even in noisy environments. All the services are both affordable and reasonable for their resulting quality.

How We Work as a Broadcast Captioning Company

Almost every online video comes captioned with its respective language. If a video has the symbol ‘CC’ in the corner, then it means the video is captioned. Nowadays, even live programs are captioned with the help of real-time broadcast captioners.

For such live broadcast captioning, we have highly skilled professionals to process captions precisely. The experts will first listen to the media and then type words into computer software. This digital program will add appropriate captions to the television signal. It is important to have the skills required for dictating and spelling phrases simultaneously during typing.

Transcription Services US additionally has professionals who work on captioning for a pre-recorded video file. The caption writer gets the script and listens to the soundtrack. Our service is highly accurate that even minute sounds and silence are captioned on-screen. For urgent deliveries, we have an exclusive option of ‘Rush and Super Rush.’ This gives broadcast caption with fast turnaround time, without the quality being distorted.

Requirement for a Closed Captioning

Organizations such as the ‘Telecommunications Act of 1996’ and the ‘Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’ have mandated to caption any video program. There are further guidelines established to be followed while captioning. All programming distributors should deliver (pass-through) broadcast captions even for already captioned productions.

Every captioned video is checked for its compliance and ‘counted’ for adhering to the rules. For example, commercials for five minutes and less are not required for “video programming” and thus, unnecessary for captioning. Some business sectors also have captioning voluntarily to expand viewership on a global basis. Henceforth, it is highly essential for every captioning service to have videos that are delivered in accordance with the norms.

Our team of captioners are adept in performing broadcast captioning for multiple industries, with the knowledge of FCC guidelines. With ISO standards, our certified broadcast captioning is accepted and compliant from an international standpoint. We additionally serve to caption for individual personalization, if required, including time-stamping and verbatim captioned.

Best Broadcast Captioning Rates

To know our rates on broadcast captioning, get a free quote right away by clicking HERE! Our 24*7 customer support is ever available for answering any of your queries regarding broadcasting captioning services.



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