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Las Vegas is known as the ‘Entertainment Capital of USA’ for its casinos, fine dining, world class tourist place, shopping, nightlife and so on. The city never sleeps and is visited by millions of tourists from around the world. Let’s not forget that apart from the entertainment, Las Vegas is also famous for meetings, business conferences, etc. Las Vegas requires Translation Services for all the industries in it. Whether it is legal, medical, corporate or business, translation of documents is inevitable.

las vegas translation services

Translation Services Las Vegas

Our translation services for Las Vegas and nearby regions provide complete data protection even post-delivery of a project, as we delete all the kinds of customer related resources from our translation servers. We guarantee that you will experience safe Las Vegas translation services from us! As a company that adheres to the guidelines of ISO, our standards on delivering quality-controlled results for Las Vegas translation services is high. However, we also take concern about the security and privacy of our customers and business clients. Especially, when legal and other official formats are considered, the importance of safety and privacy is primarily considered by our team. Stating this, we have secured firewalls and encrypted servers to assure the security of our customers’ data and also process things confidentially. All the certified translators at our agency have signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), for a promised restriction of your information from third-party.

Translation Services in Las Vegas for a multitude of Industries

Transcription Services US aims at providing 100% accurate translation services in Las Vegas as well as other cities in the US. Listed below are some of the industries we have worked with in Las Vegas.

  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Film industry
  • Health Care and more

Translation Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

Transcription Services US , is a translation agency which provides translation services Starting at $0.10/word with an expert team of highly qualified and certified translation specialists in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We serve many translation services such as: lyrics translation, legal translation, website translation, verbal translation, voice translation and high school diploma translation services anywhere in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas is the highly populated city in Nevada. It is also the county seat of Clark. This is the major resort city that is internationally renowned. There are many shopping centers, cuisines and other cultural centers situated in this city. This city is popular for night life. There are also commercial centers and financial sectors contributing to the economy.

Certified Translation Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Transcription Services US is a leading Las Vegas, Nevada translation agency providing comprehensive translation services such as: audio translation, immigration translation, technical translation, poetry translation, literary translation, letter translation, book translation, written translation, corporate translation, diploma translation, official translation, business translation, notarized translation, Healthcare & Medical Documents translation and Pharmacetical translation services. Our translation rates are reasonable in the industry.

If you are planning on moving your base to the US, you should remember that getting your documents to a certified translation agency is a must. We provide Certified Translation Services in Las Vegas to make sure that all documents whether they are business or personal are in place. Our certified translator will issue a document signed by him to denote its accuracy and his proficiency.

Certified Document Translation Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Transcription Services US has specialized in many different types of official document translation services such as: immigration document translation, technical document translation, legal document translation, financial document translation, company policy translation, handbook translation, safety manual translation, policy manual translation, equipment manual translation, school policy translation, business document translation, diploma and transcript translation, notarized translation, passport translation, family translation and more in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Certificate Translation Services Las Vegas, Nevada

We translate all kinds of certificates and documents relating to academics, legal, bank, government etc. Our Certificate Translation Services in Las Vegas gives you access to any state in the US since our certified translators are well trained professionals who are industry expertise.

We are the leading provider of certificate translation services such as: marriage license translation, diploma certificate translation, degree certificate translation, divorce certificate translation, marriage certificate translation, drivers license translation, death certificate translation, birth certificate translation and police certificate translation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

100+ language Professional Translation Services in Las Vegas

Among others, the hotel industry has good demand for professional translation services in Las Vegas. The services are useful to translate menus, brochures, guest notices, visitors’ guides, etc. into different languages, to help various tourists coming from different parts of the world. Transcription US offers 100+ languages into which one can translate their business documents for the benefit of their customers related to food and hospitality sectors.

Translation Services Near me

When you type on google for ‘Translation Services near me’, you are certain to see our website on the top. We provide more than just translation services which will help you decide on various options we provide. Whether you want document translation, birth certificate translation, legal translation, Spanish to English translation or just as small as resume translation, we give equal importance and 100% quality.

Type ‘translation services near me’ on your web browser. For sure you will find Transcription Services US topping the result list. We have a dedicated team that will provide you with effective solutions and help to meet your translation requirements.

Professional Translators Las Vegas

Transcription Services US is an embodied agency that covers almost all kinds of translations and in various industries. We are your best professional translators in Las Vegas that helps with 99% accuracy and 100% confidentiality. We provide quality services and a great turnaround time. We at Transcription Services US also deliver 24-hour translation services.

Covering Multiple Industries With Las Vegas Translation Services

Our translation services Las Vegas cover all the industries booming in the city. We also serve businesses and individuals that are coming to the city and are targeting the local audience. The city of Las Vegas is the financial, commercial and cultural center of Nevada state, and thus the list of industries that contributes to the economy of Las Vegas is huge. Our translation agency, in the internationally popular city of Las Vegas, assists all these different industries including media, entertainment, gaming, marketing, tourism, retail and others. The translation services provided by us are accurate, high quality and secure with NDA agreements. Furthermore, we deliver translated files with fast turnaround time and all this comes at cheap prices.

File Formats We Translate:
  • Audio file formats include MP3, WMA, GVI, MPEG, SWF, WAV, FLV, MOV, WMV, CD/DVD, AVI, MP4 and AIFF.
  • Document file formats include DOC/DOCX, .RESX, PPT/PPTX, SGML, XLS, .PO, PDFs, XML, CSV, HTML and more.

Multilingual Translation Services Las Vegas, Nevada

We offer multilingual translation services in more than 100 languages anywhere in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. We consistently provide certified translation comprises of

or any language translation services, rest assured that only professional native translators will assist with your project.

We also offer language combination translation services such as: English to Japanese translation, Portuguese to English translation, English to Latin translation, German to English translation, French to English translation, English to Spanish translation, English to Hebrew translation, English to Russian translation, Arabic to English translation and Italian to English translation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Certified translation services Las vegas, Naveda

Certified Translators in Las Vegas, Nevada

Transcription Services US is currently looking to recruit official translators such as: skype translator, movie translator, legal translator, language translator, document translator and more in and around the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Accurate Translation Services 24/7

Transcription Services US is committed to providing the highest instant translation, perfect translation, cheap translation, accurate translation, same day translation, quality translation, rush translation, back translation and best translation services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can feel free to contact our customer representatives at 1-800-230-7918, for all your translation needs who are willing to help you with the project 24/7 Support.

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