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Transcription Services US brings you the best translation services in Austin at reasonable prices! We are renowned in the field of translations owing to our team of native translators and linguistic experts with proficiency in over 100 languages! Subject matter experts work with the translators to produce high-quality translations!

Austin is one of the cities in the US developing at an incredible pace, known for beautiful parks, lakes, and scenic landscapes. Hikers and bikers are regular visitors to the city, soaking in its natural beauty. Austin also has a Formula One circuit where the US Grand Prix was hosted! Austin hosts a number of conferences, fairs, and festivals celebrating its rich ethnic diversity.

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We have served thousands of businesses across various industries & individuals in Austin for over 10 years.

Austin, Texas - Potential for Development

Austin is one of the fastest developing cities in the United States. With a population of over 2.3 million people, it houses some of the biggest universities in the country and is home to thousands of students. The major entities in the city thus are from the academic sector, including schools and colleges, and the government sector.

With time, the city has also developed an attraction for the technology sector. Several industries have set up base here, thus creating a balance of demand and supply of skilled human resources. Be it the manufacturing industry, or that of sustainable tech development, Austin is a hotbed of industrial activity.

Top Employers in Austin

● Government sector

● Manufacturing and technology

● Research and development

● Academic sector

● Medical and pharmaceutical industry

● Hospitality and catering

Whether you are an employee working in any of these industries. or a business owner, or even a person moving out of Austin for work or education, you will need hassle-free translation services.

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Why Do You Need Austin Translation Services?

Besides being a major industrial and academic hotspot, Austin also hosts a multicultural population. Most of the residents of Austin are from Latinos and Hispanic communities. Austin also has a considerable population from other cultures and ethnicities, thus creating a diverse mix of cultures.

Wherever development occurs at a high pace, it follows that communication becomes a priority. The need to connect with people around the globe brings with it a set of challenges - one of which is the language barrier. This is where we come in.

Transcription Services US can provide translations in over 100 languages and help you solve your language challenges at unmatched prices. So whether you a business trying to set up operations in Austin, or an individual applying for work or immigration in the Texas area, get in touch with us!

Moreover, considering the Hispanic population in Austin, if you require Spanish translation services, we have native Spanish speakers who will provide you the best services.

We assure you the best document translation in Austin.

Types of Austin Translation Services We Offer

Due to the diversity of industries, cultures and interests in Austin, we make sure to provide all types of translation services that are in high demand in the city.

✓ Business translation services: We can translate any corporate document, handbook, policy manual, etc. for your business.

✓ Legal translation services: We can translate any agreement, patent, marriage certificate, lease deed, divorce certificate, contracts, patent registrations, or any other legal document.

✓ Healthcare translation services: We can translate any medical documents such as clinical trial documentation, pharmaceutical documents, patient records, etc.

✓ Website translation services: We can translate any content from your website, including testimonials, reviews, etc.

✓ Translations for USCIS immigration services: We can support you with documents required for immigration, such as work permits, degree certificates, etc.

✓ Financial translation services: We provide translations of financial documents such as financial statements, audit reports, etc.

✓ Academic translation services: We can translate your educational documents such as your transcript, diploma, theses, degree certificate, etc.

✓ Vital documents translation services: We translate vital documents like drivers license, birth certificate, death certificate, passport, visa, etc.

✓ Marketing translation services: We also translate marketing materials such as brochures, pamphlets, presentations, etc. for your organizational needs in Austin.

✓ Technical translation services: We serve manufacturing and technology industries in Austin by translating technical handbooks, manuals, etc.

When Do You Need Certified Translation in Austin?

A lot of official organizations and legal processes require translations of documents to be certified by the translators. The certification signifies that the translation has been done accurately by a competent translation agency. It verifies that all the content in the original has been translated without exception.

Moreover, considering the number of patent holders in Austin and the number of multinational companies that have set up operations in Austin, there is a rising need for certified translations

Here are some types of translations that may need to be certified:

● Legal documents like contracts, agreements, patents, deeds, etc.

● Financial documents like audit reports, financial statements, etc.

● Immigration documents like your visa, passport, work permit, etc.

At Transcription Services US, we provide a certificate of translation for your documents FREE of cost!

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Our Features

✓ Team of native language professionals

✓ 100% human translation

✓ Covering more than 100 languages & dialects

✓ ATA certified translators

✓ 24/7 customer support

✓ Quick turnaround – same-day translations available

✓ High security & confidentiality

✓ Affordable prices & discounts on bulk orders

✓ 99% accuracy & proofreading

Major Languages We Support

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian, etc.

No matter what your translation need may be, Transcription Services US, the most renowned of all Austin Translation Services, is here to help! Connect with us to get a FREE quote for your project.

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