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Additional Cost of $0.25/min
Source to Source Language
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Source to Target Language
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File Length Offer Price/minute
More than 20 Hours 30% OFF $0.70/min
More than 10 Hours 20% OFF $0.80/min
More than 5 Hours 10% OFF $0.90/min
File length upto 5 Hours       __ $1/min
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Interview Transcription

Transcribing Interview audio is an art. Transcription Services US offers you best Interview Transcription Services at affordable Transcription Rate

We have experienced Interview Transcriptionists who we use for Interview Transcription projects. No matter how difficult your audio is, our Interview Transcription team can get you a best possible quality.

Media Transcription

Transcription Services US a one choice for Media Transcription. Our Media Transcription Services not only provides best quality Media transcripts but also best transcription rate in the United Sates. Media Transcription involves converting firms, television shows, Podcasts, news and radio broadcasts into text.

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription is a process of transcribing any type of Legal proceeding from the spoken word to a text format. Stenotype or Computer is used to capture the audio in court. Licensed court reporters (stenographers) does the legal transcription during the courtroom proceedings. Court reporter can use the stenotype to type the proceeding as they happen in shorthand then the computer converts the shorthand.

Court Transcription

Transcription Services US provides high quality court transcription services for court proceedings. Regardless of the court transcription audio format, legal transcriptions or court transcription needs complete attention to detail and a greater level of experience in legal proceedings which many Transcription Services do not offer. Based on your need, Transcription Services US guaranteesaccuracy with 100% highest accuracy available for situations where court transcriptions have to be perfect.

Dictation Transcription

Transcription Services US provides quality Dictation Transcription at affordable price. Our Dictation Transcription Service come with 100% money back guarantee which means we don’t go wrong. People don’t want to take physical notes anymore but find it easier to dictate their letters, reports,notes etc.

Digital Transcription

Digital Transcription is a process of transcribing Digital audio or video files into text. Digital Transcription is used in almost all fields where voice to text is must. Transcription Services US has been offering Digital Transcription Services to Television and Radio broadcasting companies in the United Kingdom and United States.

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