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1. Bulk Order Offer

You are burdened with writing work that it takes your head into a spin to think about finishing them. What you need is cost-efficient transcription help. You need experts who can transcribe your data fast, securely, accurately, and in bargain bulk order pricing! This is where we can help.

2. 10% Offer On Your Second Order

Life is better with discounts. You can buy more. You can enjoy more in life with practical bargains. Our top-rated transcription services give you the best results in discounted packages. We honor the privilege of serving clients, and so we give you 10% on your second order as form of courtesy and bonus.

3. 10% Offer For Referral

It's a shame that some providers don't give you special freebies for getting more customers to them. We are different. We are different in that we give you extra incentive for just giving us contacts to your friends who might need our help. Receive 10% discount for every successful friend sign-up!

4. Transcription - Free Trial Offer

Nobody needs to pay for something that guarantees nothing. Our 5-minute free trial for transcription is a winning guarantee, that you get the best deals. We show you the quality of our services before payment.

5. Voice Over- Free Sample

You’ve got to taste something first, before you know it's for you. Our Free Sample should be enough to make you decide that our services are worthy of your trust. Enjoy the free quality service experience!

Enterprise Accounts

You want to expand your business, but can't get efficient deals to handle the costs. We help you transition from your budget to the results you need with the help of our experts who will manage your enterprise accounts smoothly.

Student’s Life time Offers

We offer dynamic opportunities to students who need our transcription help. We empower them with unlimited deals, that cannot be found elsewhere. Our lifetime student offers are exciting and packed with bargains!

1. Academic Offer

We supply assistance to academes, comprising students, professors, researchers, and other academic personnel, so they can produce more help to the society we live in. We give them high-end privileges with our services and offers.

2. University/College Offer

College time is a challenging time for students. They, perhaps more than others, need extra help with projects that need to be expertly transcribed for documentation. Our College Life Time offer gives them that big bonus.

Government Lifetime Offer

1. Non-Profit Organization

The assistance of NPOs for the community is extremely invaluable. Our lifetime offer in transcription services for people running NPOs is the least we can do to recognize their great help to our communities globally. Rates starts from $0.60/min.

2. Government Agencies

The government works as efficiently as they can to help everyone in the society. We honor their service by providing them lifetime special rates for transcription of their piece-by-piece, regular, or bulk tasks.

Seasonal Offers

We provide special offers during public holidays, too. So if you need more transcription tasks accomplished during the holidays, our transcription services should extensively help you get the perfect transcripts done.

  • Christmas: Santa is so generous to give you a 20% off the original price on our service!
  • Thanksgiving Day: Because you believe in us, we’re giving that back with a 10% discount on all our services.
  • Independence Day: Enjoy the liberty of using our services with a 10% savings.

1. Platinum Customer Benefits

Loyalty should always be rewarded. With our Platinum Customer benefits, we can give you the discount privilege that will make you experience more of the transcription services you've been enjoying year-round. Thank you for your loyalty!

2. One Time Offer

Besides our regular promos, we house surprise-filled One Time bonuses that keep our clients extremely satisfied with our transcriptions. Grab your one time offer, and you never have to turn your back to other transcribers!

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