How to choose best Audio Transcription Services company in 2019?

How to choose best Audio Transcription Services company in 2019?

Audio transcription services

Audio and Video transcription services have been a need, ever since people started taking up textual format seriously. It makes your work relaxed, stress free and there is no room for errors. Why wouldn’t you utilize a service when your audios and videos can be converted into a textual format. It declares clarity and meticulousness. A lot of companies these days promise a great turnaround time and not to forget their cheap audio transcription service. When I say cheap, I mean, affordable. Every company or an individual who thrives to give an accurate output should also remember that nothing comes free. You pay for what you receive and in business words, these days, audio transcription services rates are much more reasonable and don’t burn a hole in you pocket.

In this blog, we are going to check out on how to choose a standout company out of the best audio transcription services company 2019!

The Turnaround time

From delivering it in a few hours to actually taking weeks, the turnaround time for audio transcription services can diverge. The fluctuation happens because of various requirements and project size. If you have a strict deadline to follow and want the transcription to be done immediately, most companies provide ‘Rush Audio Transcription’ services. Rush Audio transcription services are those that can be delivered to you within 24 hours and some services offer delivery even in 3-4 hours. Obviously, it is considerably more expensive than the normal transcribing rates.


Most of the audio transcription services in USA sign a Non-Disclosure certificate where it clearly states that you are not liable to use the transcribed information for personal needs. Vanan Online services has transcribed a lot of audio works over the years that involve sensitive content. Not just with Vanan, all the transcription companies are extra careful towards keeping the information they get, confidential. Whether it is a law enforcement file or business financial documents or even your personal files, transcription companies promise on keeping them at extremely safe.


Accuracy is one of the most important aspects of choosing a good Transcription service company. Whether you are looking at audio and verbatim transcription services or a language-based transcription, you need to remember that a company’s credibility is always predictable in the way they present the end product. Providing meticulous results under pressure is a unique quality that decides a brand’s value. Translational based transcriptions are also becoming a need these days. Services like ‘English audio video transcription services’, ‘Spanish audio transcription services’, ‘French audio transcription services’ are very eminent in language-based transcription needs. One should find a good company that has a great track record of providing the best of both worlds.


You need to have basic trust before assigning your project to the company you intend to. When I say trust, it means that you need to go with your gut feeling and believe that they will provide you with a well-transcribed output.

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