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Thai Transcription

We provide by listening in your audio/video recordings and typewriting what is said in exact words or symbols. Our native Siamese transcribers based in Bangkok and other cities speak and write Thai fluently as it’s spoken in heartland Thailand while adhering to the Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS). Thailand is quickly emerging as Asia’s fastest booming economy, a manufacturing powerhouse for the food processing, electronic engineering, and automotive sectors amongst others. Companies expanding their market reach to Thailand require a transcriber who can convert speech to text effectively by adapting content to lingual and cultural nuances of the Thai transcription population.


Professional Thai transcription services

With Professional businesses in all lines of trade can cut down on overall costs of maintaining employees for intermittent demands. Outsourcing offshore allows transcription  companies to save time, resources and energy of their in-house secretarial workforce in pursuit of the organization’s core objectives. We’ve an exhaustive army of professional Thai transcribers to complete tasks at flexible turnarounds, meeting  accuracy and super quality. This way, you’ll have convoluted or large bulk projects executed in the shortest time to streamline your indoor workflows. To help businesses penetrate the Thai market and attract potential investors, applies revolutionary technology and equipment, thus, speeding up the process while eliminating inadvertent human errors.

Thai Transcription Rates

At inexpensive rates you can convert recorded meetings, podcasts, corporate videos and other audio-visual materials into text for dissemination to the shareholders, debenture-holders, financial journalists, government departments and prospective investors. We transcribe excellently to boost your corporate image, enhance SERPs ratings by attracting traffic and spreading your message like wildfire across Thailand. With diverse branches of Thai or Siamese languages, your recordings may be characterized by inexplicable accents, dialectal variances and background noises. Thankfully, we’ve flanked topnotch professionals who surmount these challenges to craft the highest quality level, accuracy and unmistaken speaker identification at a nominal rate of $0.99/Minute. Moreover, this rate will be inched downwards for bulk orders or long files with our indiscriminate rebates.

Online Transcription

At transcription-services-us, you can get Online in verbatim or intelligent styles in tune with your project demands. Our verbatim transcription will not purge filler words or any other sounds for instance, in industries such as legal, research, insurance, courts or governmental agencies. On the other hand, where off-the-point parts of speech litter your audio/video recordings, we provide Thai transcripts omitting suchlike through intelligent transcription. Transcription-services-us extensive network of transcribers specializes in technical fields such as automotive, legal, digital marketing and media among others.

Thai Transcription Companies

In the wake of a technologically-powered trading environment, transcription-services-us leads companies in rendering definitive solutions fast, flawlessly and inexpensively. We achieve this by assigning a crew of relentless Thai transcribers whose finely-tuned ears capture speech expressions with exactitude, no matter the complexity of your content. For essential documents such as focus groups, interviews, business meetings or corporate videos, professional transcription goes without saying. They pose rigors such as wildly-approaching deadlines, large quantity to transcribe within a tight schedule and the need for output to be beyond reproach. Our Thai transcribers have honed their skills and expertise in every sector or practice area and guarantee the triple-proof accuracy, pristine grammar and correct spellings you need.

Thai Transcription And Translation

Transcription-services-us commitment in fostering business success across Thailand has seen the company remain pre-dominant as the industry’s trailblazing player in transcription and translation. Powered by a passionate network of transcriptionists, this team blends linguistic prowess, industry know-how and efficiency in project management to deliver timely and cost-efficient multilingual transcription and translation solutions.

Thai to English Transcription Services

Transcription-services-us provides Thai to English transcription services for court proceedings recordings, investigation interviews, websites, law firm interviews, pharmaceutical documents, financial materials, advertisements and much more. We’ve a bilingual (Thai native English Second Language Speakers) localization and translation team of transcribers based in Bangkok and worldwide. They specialize across a variety of industries flourishing in Thailand such as online marketing, law, pharmacy and medicine and much more.

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