Legal Translation Services

Legal translation is the process of changing a legal document’s language from one language (source) to another (target language). The legal documents that are generally translated include certificates, passports, Licenses, police and court-related files, etc.

Translating documents for the industry of legal affairs is often a complex and deep process. Moreover, mistakes or even subtle errors that happen during a legal translation lead to misleading of a whole legal procedure.

That is why, translating legal documents is not a simple task and there exists certain challenges that have to be surmounted, for getting the perfect translation. Typically, the following are the few challenges that every customer face from a legal translation service during translation.


Challenge-1: Automated Legal Translation

Looking at the price of translating legal documents, it is visibly concluded that machine translation is the best, as there are platforms that even has free translations. But concerning any legal document, it is highly advisable not to choose ANY automated software. This is because your document’s quality, security, and precision can never match with that of manual power.

The skills that a professional legal translator uses for translating documents will have greater accuracy with promising quality. You still have the freedom to choose the best service provider according to your budget.

Challenge-2: Professional Translation

There is a difference between translating and professionally translating. Anyone with good language skills can translate something.  But can you be sure of the quality? Or are you sure that you can meet the exact legal requirements?

Typically, professional legal translators are the ones who are certified by renowned organizations like ATA (American Translator’s Association), for their works. This ensures that the person will translate your legal files effectively in an error-free method using their skills and potential resources.

Challenge-3: Choosing a Lawyer

There are instances where people search for court Lawyers with bilingual knowledge to translate legal files. They think that by giving a legal file directly to a legal person (lawyer) will get them the right translation that they require.

But the major problem here is that, lawyers cannot translate every nuance and dialect used in a legal file. Additionally, lawyers price high for their translation based upon hourly charges as well. Moreover, lawyers are limited as compared to a certified professional legal translator.

Challenge-4: Confidentiality

Even though a company has a number of expert translators, provides cost-effective services, 100+ language compliance, it is of high significance to ensure if they are secure. Every legal document has to be processed in a confidential manner to avoid issues concerning legality and notarization.

As a customer, you can check if the company can be trusted or not.  See-through if they have any secured system for their services. To be more precise, a language agency with an NDA agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is reliable for giving a legal translation project.  This gives assurance that the company denies any access from third parties.

Challenge-5: Language Compliance

One of the major challenges with translating legal documents is the language.  Every company would be having English translation mandatory for legal files. But there are cases where both the source and target languages include rare combinations (for example – Catalan to Moksha).

This is where a customer has to take time in browsing for the best providers, who have both language experts and also the particular language translation compliance.  

Challenge-6: Strict Deadlines

With the benefits of rush translations, legal documents are the ones highly demanded urgent deliveries. With the importance of value given to a legal document, the deadline also becomes crucial because, if a legal document is required for court cases immediately, then a delay may nullify the legality.

So, this is also a reason why you need professional translators. Every legal document, irrespective of its purpose has to be translated with perfection, without missing any seal marks or stamps. Thus, only a professional certified for doing legal translations can deliver the work within the needed Turnaround time.

Challenge-7: Style of Legality

Every legal document will have differences not only in the context or the language but also in its culture. What one nation’s government finds right may be wrong for another. And this may even reflect upon the translation. Each legal document has its own style and design, depending upon ethnicity.

So, it is of high importance to choose the right service provider with native translators, who have a vast knowledge about cultures and traditions, and may showcase the same in the translation result.  

At Transcription Services US, we have certified legal translators who can provide quality and accuracy with an unbelievable turnaround time possible.  Our native translators are qualified for certification from ATA to meet any challenge that occurs during a legal translation. To know more about legal translation, just click here!