The Cost Of Translation Services in 2019

The Cost Of Translation Services in 2019

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The business of translation and demand of translation service providers has been increasing very rapidly. As per a report, this business of languages is expected to grow to US$45 billion, by the end of the year 2020.

The reason for translation business to grow this fast is because of the rise in the amount of data being generated in text form worldwide. Another very important reason behind this growth is the reach to global audience that every brand/company or organization wants.

As the requirement for translation services are increasing, the number of companies providing the same are also increasing. Different companies have different translation services cost for different types of translation services.

Translation Services Cost in 2019

Well, the translation service rates in 2019 or in any other year will depend upon the type of translation service a person is looking forward to. You can’t accept a translation service provider to offer you the same rate for document translation and video translation.

The amount of time and effort required by a translation expert is different for varied types of files and thus the professional translation price for multiple translation services is different. Here are the kinds of translations services which are being offered:

  1. Document Translation – A document can be anything from a normal document to a certificate to a medical report, etc. The cost for a certificate translation will be different from a medical translation service cost. On an average, translation cost per page USA is around US$30 to US$125. Document translation includes academic translations, business translation, certificate translation, medical translation, etc.
  2. Audio Translation – An audio can be a podcast audio or an audio file recording from your phone, or anything else, but the hourly rate for translation services for all these different audios will be different. On average basis, the translation cost US$4.90 to US$22.50 per minute.
  3. Video Translation – Translating a video is a time-consuming job and it requires more efforts from the translation experts. The certified translation costs you around US$7 per minute for translating your videos.

Why Translation Service Cost Varies?    

There are many reasons why the translation service rates for one particular service varies from a very less amount to a huge amount. Some of the reasons have been listed below