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Increasing Operative Usage of YouTube Closed Captioning Services

Online videos aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. There is an estimate of 228 million users of YouTube every day in the United States. At least 236 million viewers are expected to be retained for digital media viewing by the year 2020. YouTube is one of the largest video platforms that human beings resort to while wanting to view any kind of content. It is estimated that a whopping of 72 hours of quality video is uploaded on YouTube every minute. YouTube is a key to your questions when we talk about closed captioning. Closed captioning enhances your visual display of the audio which allows people to read and understand the video content without sound.
We work to uphold your video’s worth in the following manner:
  • Supreme quality and accuracy guaranteed
  • 100% confidentiality and security of files
  • YouTube Closed Captioning rates for affordable pricing
  • ISO certified services
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Designated native captioners

Best Features of Our YouTube Closed Captioning Services

Wider Reach

We at Transcription Services US make sure that any video you make, and upload reaches its suitable audience with its much-needed recognition. For this, you should make content that is suitable for not just your audience but also for the global audience. Moreover, this helps in boosting audience usage of your channel and will encourage them to participate and engage with you.

Helps the Disabled

At least 40 million Americans are reported to have some form of hearing disability. Without the use of closed captioning services, your videos would not reach them. YouTube captioning will help your viewers who have hearing issues appreciate your videos without physical assistance.

SEO Benefits

Obviously, this also has to be of a great impact and advantage to your business. Videos with captions make a greater impact in getting picked up by the internet when searching for a particular topic. If you have closed captions in your YouTube videos, the chances that the video getting its much-needed SEO boost is more helping in getting ranked as number one.

Common Benefits of Using YouTube Captioning

  • Better user experience
  • Improves average viewing time on YouTube
  • Increases and boosts your channel via SEO metrics
  • Upsurges accessibility and reaches global audience
  • Makes it easier for people who are hard of hearing
  • Google acceptability is higher
  • Content Creation becomes much prominent

Why should poor YouTube closed captioning be avoided?

Poorly constructed YouTube Captioning is of no use to your videos. As a YouTube Closed Captioning Company, we at Transcription Services US make sure to avoid the following errors because we are well aware of the consequences that follow:

✓ We are extremely careful when we caption videos. Poorly constructed captioning can annoy the viewers, disinterest them and obviously spoil the user experience.

✓ Accuracy is our key! We make sure that the accuracy is on point because inaccurate captions can convey diluted information and twist the intended message.

✓ We are particular about complying with the FCC rules that states that every video has to be captioned, no matter what, to protect the sentiments of the hard of hearing. Failing to do so will not help the video reach audience.

✓ Transcription Services US does not want to damage your social media image or your SEO image. We make sure that the captions give you a great advantage that can upsurge your videos and be pulled up when a viewer searches for a particular content.

✓ Your video’s ROI is directly related to our professionalism. We will definitely not fiddle with it.


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