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Transcription Services US is a recognized translation agency providing the best translation services in Paterson, New Jersy, by experienced translators for short-term and long-term projects.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are experienced in offering translations with an accuracy rate of 99%, along with greater consistency and increased speed.

You can send us your documents online, and we can translate the content as per your needs and deliver them anywhere in the city within your required timelines. We provided certified translations for individuals, corporates & other institutions in over 100 languages at budget-friendly prices. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

Quick- Delivery Document Translation Services in Paterson

Paterson is one of the most densely populated cities in New Jersey. The residents require efficient, accurate, and convenient document translation services from a professional translation company.

We are one of the leading translation services in the city that provides professional translation services in over 100 languages for personal and professional documents.

Our professionals can convert company documentation, product catalogues, user manuals, pamphlets, brochures, technical manuals, handbooks, and sales documents from the source to the target language.

Two people discussing a document at workplace

We also excel in catering to the needs of individuals by translating their personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, school or college transcripts, and legal documents.

Get certified translations by ATA-certified translators. You can contact us for a free estimate for your personal or professional documents today!

Professional Academic Translation Services in Paterson

Many schools, universities, and colleges in Paterson attract domestic and international students to pursue higher education and employment opportunities in the city.

Our Paterson translation agency helps students, teachers, professors, researchers, and other educational professionals with excellent academic translation services at affordable rates.

We can translate timetables, class work, prospectuses, research articles, scientific journals, textbooks, academic transcripts, thesis, and other educational materials in your preferred language.

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You can also contact our agency to get translated documents within 24 hours through our rush and super-rush delivery services.

Top-Quality Industry Translation Services in Paterson

Because of its growing population and diverse economy, Patterson greatly needs industry translation services.

Paterson has many industries in popular technical fields, including healthcare, retail, tourism, travel, technology, marketing, entertainment, E commerce, research, gaming, media, automotive, and manufacturing.

From our translation agency, you can get professional translation services for all types of businesses in Paterson, NJ, to stay ahead of your competitors.

Whether you reside or do business in Paterson, you can contact us to translate documents in different languages to connect with a global audience.

Two men shaking hands after signing a contract

We can translate your business contracts, research papers, film scripts, patent documents, product manuals, software manuals, annual reports, and agreements.

We maintain confidentiality with our Paterson translation services by signing NDA documents to protect sensitive data.

You can get in touch with us to eliminate language barriers and expand your business to different parts of the world.

Accurate & Certified Translation Services in Paterson

Many governments and immigration offices in Paterson require certified translations for individual and professional documents.

We translate the following documents with a 100% approval guarantee. These include

  • Birth certificate
  • Police reports
  • FIR
  • Death certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • Affidavits
  • Driver's license
  • Lawsuit documents
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Degree certificate
  • College leaving certificate
A man putting an accepted stamp on a document

Our certified translated documents are accepted by US immigration agencies such as USCIS and other local, federal, and state agencies. We also offer notarized and accredited translations for individuals and businesses in Paterson

We have a team of certified translators who will provide a certificate of authenticity to ensure the accuracy of the translated document.

Best Online Spanish Translation Services in Paterson

Paterson has a significant non-English-speaking community where they use other native languages, such as Spanish, as their primary language for communication. Hence, businesses cannot rely only on English for communicating with their clients in this city.

Our translation company in Paterson offers language translation services by native language speakers who are experts in providing several translation services in the Spanish language. These include. 

✓ Medical Translation

✓ Legal Translation

✓ Financial Translation

✓ Business Translation

✓ Marketing Translation

Our Spanish language translators offer Patterson translation services and localization services for eLearning websites, mobile apps, audio tapes, video tapes, and other online content. 

We also provide translation services in other major and minor dialects and languages, such as,  

  • French
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • German
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • Swedish

If you want to showcase your business in different languages, you can contact us today! 

Businesses & Demographics of Paterson City in New Jersey

Paterson is one of the popular cities in New Jersey. It has a mix of Hispanic, black, and white residents. The city is known for its multiracial ethnic groups, which comprise a significant population.

The economy of Paterson depends on some of the largest industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, public administration, and scientific and technical services.

Most employment is available in production occupations, administrative support, and sales-related jobs. Health, legal, and law firm employees are the highest-paid and most specialized people.

The neighborhood has plenty of public schools, universities, and community colleges, attracting plenty of students and learners from other parts of the country.

William Paterson University is one of the top universities that hosts plenty of exhibits, lectures, and athletic events throughout the year.

Paterson has plenty of notable monuments and important places that denote American history. The city attracts many tourists from other parts of the world for its National Park, Paterson Falls, Lambert Castle, Museum, Ice Vault arena, and Hinchcliffe Stadium.

It also has plenty of landmarks, shopping centers, celebrated restaurants, sports, and fishing areas to explore in the city.

If you are visiting this fantastic city in New Jersey and require quick translation services, you can contact our translation company in Paterson for affordable translation services.

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