Budget Friendly Transcription Rates at $0.99/min | Fast TAT

Budget Friendly Transcription Rates at $0.99/min | Fast TAT

Budget Friendly Transcription Rates at $0.99/min | Fast TAT

Selecting the best transcription rates
Conversion of your audio or video text into a written material involves the services of a transcription company. However, there are many factors that you should consider when looking for a fair price for your rates. In case you will need this service on a regular basis it is best to tie-up with a company and haggle for the best rates that they can offer. Generally, vendors prefer long term relationship with clients than dealing with one-time projects and will gladly offer lower transcription


Developed countries charges higher transcription rates
The price varies depending on the companys location, those in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada charges higher than those in the Philippines, India, or Pakistan. It is not because they provide higher quality materials but the standard of living is far greater in these developed countries.

Get cheap transcription rates by planning ahead
One way of securing cheap  rates is by planning ahead. You can avoid getting in a tight situation where you need to pay a rush service that will add to your rates. Transcription  services companies provide cheap translation rates if they have more lead time in completing a project. With time in your favour, you can remove materials that are not needed if you have a bulk order and select the vendor that provide the least cheap translation rates.

Transcription rate per hour is suited for a lengthy text
Before proceeding to your vendor you should be familiar with your audio or video text to determine whether the service you need is on per page rate, per minute rate, or a transcription rate per hour. Your rates will depend on the length of your file. However, if you choose a transcription rate per hour the vendor will charge you this much even if the text did not last that long. If your audio or video text will take long hours to transcribe, your best option would be to go for a transcription rate per hour and save on bulk order discounts.

Transcription rate per audio minute is best for a short file
A transcription rate per audio minute is the best fit if your audio or video text is short. A transcription rate per audio minute will be applied to the total length of your file. Get savings from by opting for a transcription rate per audio minute and pay only for the actual time.

Competitive affordable transcription rates
Due to the advancement in technology vendors can provide affordable rates. Nowadays, seminars, meetings, orientation and more uses the internet to communicate with. Transcription vendors provide affordable to attract clients. However, it vary depending on the type of services that the customer requires. Competition is fierce, to be able to penetrate the market vendors should offer affordable rates.

Beware of providers offering lowest price transcription service
Beware! There are providers out there with good looking websites and offer the lowest price transcription service. Once you bit the bait of the lowest price transcription service they will work their way into your bank. Expect add-on costs offering the lowest price transcription service, substandard work, delayed or non-submission of a transcribed document. Dont rely on transcriptions rates look at other factors like client reviews.

Cheap transcription methods of some vendors
With a lot of transcription vendor, cheap transcription services are offered to attract customers in their favour. However, most of these vendors offer customers their moneyworth, a low-quality transcription work for the cheap transcription price its vary among vendors, some offer cheap transcription and add-on services that are not reflective of the original offer.

Securing an affordable transcription
Know the transcription style, legal or verbatim, that you need for an affordable transcription. Audio quality is also a factor for an affordable transcription. Your recording should be in good condition, it can lessen the transcribers time and lower for an affordable transcription.

Factors that affect transcription prices
Transcription prices vary depending on factors such as the audio clarity, accent of the speaker and the Industry. Audios with low quality demand higher transcription prices. Transcription prices for legal and medical files are expensive than general transcription. Transcription vendors offer different rates.

Transcription fees depend on your vendor
Some companies charge for editing and proofreading leading to more transcription fees. Others dont and include them in their fees. If you are someone who is looking for a high-quality material expect higher fees. It depend on the level of service that a client requires.

Dwindling transcription pay rate
A pay rate will depend on the skill, audio quality, and the topic. There are two transcription pay rate methods such as per word or per line. The take out pay rate of a transcriber will depend on the speed and accuracy to complete a project. Transcription rates dwindled due to offshoring, outsourcing, and advancement of technology

If you are looking for a company go for an ISO certified one. They provide accuracy, quick TAT, high-quality, and a free quote and 5-minute trial. You can talk to their live 24/7 customer support anytime.

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