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Transcription services Pricing at Rochester, New York

In addition to awe-inspiring quality, we deliver all the transcription works at a very reasonable cost. Our Flat Rate at $0.10 per minute transcription for all kinds of transcription. This is our standard price irrespective of any type of the transcription services you require.

Types of transcription services

We offer various types of transcription services for all businesses. We are moreover strongly equipped with all infrastructure and equipments that helps in meeting our client’s requirements without any hassle.

Our Featured Transcription Services include

Rochester, New York is located in the Monroe county. The city has the population of about 210,565 according to 2010 census. This city is considered to be the first boomtown of America. Today, Rochester, New York has the international attention for the higher education, technological and developments.

Transcription Services US also provides many flexible offers to our clients and they include:

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