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Specifications Rates & TAT
Starting at
Transcription Done by Native English Transcribers
Legal Transcription
Expedited Deliveries
From 2 hours onwards
Note: Rates vary based on the urgency & no. of speakers
Additional Cost of $0.25/min
Time Stamping / Time Coding
Additional Cost of $0.25/min
Source to Source Language
Starting from $3.99/min
Source to Target Language
Starting from $5.99/min

Exclusive Offers

File Length Offer Price/minute
More than 20 Hours 30% OFF $0.70/min
More than 10 Hours 20% OFF $0.80/min
More than 5 Hours 10% OFF $0.90/min
File length upto 5 Hours       __ $1/min
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Transcription services Pricing

The costs at which we provide the services are also one of the reasons for a huge client base that relies on us for their businesses. We charge $0.70 for a minute’s transcription which is quite affordable and worthy. Great infrastructure and the deployment of high end technologies in our processes make us to deal at a very low pricing.

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Types of transcription services

When it comes to transcription, there are many types of it. We deal with almost all kinds of transcriptions and put forward our innovation in delivering the product. Some kinds of transcriptions are exclusively available with us. Some of them are,

Louisiana is a wonderful state with lots of businesses running in the state capital New Orleans. The application of the transcription is needed in these businesses and to the government. To support these needs, Transcription services Louisiana is striving hard to meet out the necessities of the state.

There are many other reasons that makes us successful than the overwhelming quality and the service. They are

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