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Swedish Transcription

Transcription Services US offers Swedish to English transcription services and English to Swedish transcription services

Swedish is spoken by 10 million speakers majority of them are from Sweden and in few parts of Finland. Standard Swedish language is established as the national language in the beginning of 20th century. The morphology of Swedish language is often compared to English. Swedish language is Official spoken in Sweden, Finland, European Union and Nordic Council.

Swedish Transcription Services

Transcription Services US provides quality Swedish transcription services to various industries including:

We accept all formats of Swedish audio sound files and video files including MP3, DVD, CD, WAV, DSS, WMA and MPG. We also provide Swedish transcription/translation free quote. We further do the transcription services from regular mini tapes, audio tapes, and micro cassettes.

Transcription Services – US, offers wide range of Professional Swedish transcription services with the expert team of Swedish Transcription. Our extensive knowledge in the industry with the flare to use advanced technologies have made us to offer best online Swedish transcription, which have also made us to become one of the popular Swedish transcription companies.

We offer money back guarantee and strive to satisfy our clients with professional quality services. Our free trial offer is another added flexibility offered to our clients.

Major Cities We Serve

We provide Swedish Transcription in major countries including Finland, Sweden, Greece, Italy and many other countries across. Transcription Services US also provides Swedish transcription and translation services.

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