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Over the phone Interpretation

However, we provide you native speaking professional who is master in both English and the target foreign language. This helps us to provide accurate and efficient interpretation to our clients.

As one of the pioneers in telephone interpreting services, our level of quality and experience is unmatched among the over the phone interpretation companies in the industry. We are working with many corporations, law firms, non-profit organizations, schools and health industries and governmental departments.

We offer phone interpretation over 170 languages including Spanish over the phone interpreting service and French over the phone interpreting service. The essence of phone conference interpretation is to communicate the meaning of what the participants are saying on the call. We can have the call recorded, transcribed and sent to you via email for your records.

Phone Interpretation Services

Additionally we do offer phone language translation when travelling and working with non English speaking clients or partners. Our professionals are not only understands you and the non-English speaker, but also engages cultural awareness in translation over the phone for effective communication.

We are a certified company and every over the phone interpreter is bound by confidentiality and non disclosure agreements. Our aim is to provide quality service and after each assignment, we request our clients for feedback on the service rendered.

If you are looking for over the phone interpretation jobs you need to register your details at employment form. Remember to include references and send in related supporting documents.