Onsite speech captioning

Onsite speech captioning is increasingly on demand these days. Any group event, be it a seminar, meeting, presentation or training session, audience participation could be transformed into a totally new experience by an expert Onsite CART provider through the instantaneous projection of the spoken words onto a screen and thereby to a large audience at one point or multiple points simultaneously.

This is achieved by a highly skilled real-time captioner who is trained to write at speed ranging from 225 to 280 words per minute with over 97% accuracy and the text is featured on the screen in less than a two-second delay.

 We also try to bring forth the clients' individual communication styles as explicitly as possible. We press into service cutting edge technology in the form of integrated software systems designed specifically for this purpose.

We cater to a wide range of fields including television broadcast, live sports events, courtrooms, large meetings and assemblies.

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 You could also check out the other unique value additions we incorporate into our CART services such as the option for quick search of text of Onsite speech captioning to enable clients in finding a particular word or sentence quickly, scroll back in case the client missed something, make notes simultaneously and also copy and paste items of specific interest to the client. Check out Transcription Services US Project today.

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