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Foreign Voice Over Talent

Transcription Service – US serves to be one of the leading foreign voice over talent agencies with an excellent team of foreign voice over talent that is ready to serve our client for any voice over recording needs. We offer the foreign voice over talent services with good perfection in recording and clarity in voice.


Foreign Voice Over Talent Services

Our professional foreign voice over talent team is not only trained for the voice over recording but they are recruited after many processes ensuring that they have good voice, good command over the language, experienced and knowledgeable about the voice over terminologies. We do Online foreign voice over talent services to all sectors and serve our clients from across the world. We strive to be of great support to industries including, media, Television, Radio, documentaries, movies and other sectors.

Our foreign voice over talent rates are very low therefore it definitely fit into your expected budget or cost range. Thus we strive to provide you an affordable and cheap foreign voice over talent services. We make use of all the advanced technologies and software for foreign language voice talent recording which further simplifies the job and also support us to provide our clients the most and best quality services. We also offer foreign voice over with transcript thus serve as one stop solution.

Our International voice over talent includes:

  • Female Voice Talent
  • Male Voice Talent
  • Spanish voice talent
  • English voice talent
  • Arabic voice talent
  • German voice talent
  • French voice talent
  • Italian voice talent
  • Japanese voice talent
  • Russian voice talent
  • Korean voice talent
  • Thai voice talent
  • Vietnamese voice talent
  • Irish voice talent
  • Farsi voice talent
  • Norwegian voice talent
  • Hungarian voice talent
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