CART real time captioning services

 We could provide these services without being present on site. This is made possible because of our competence in delivering our services through the internet.

All you need is a clear telephone line to send the audio of the program that is streamed as well as a computer with internet access to feature the text simultaneously. CART services are streamed to a computer screen without visual presentation. Communication Accessed Realtime Translation (CART) services enable streamed text to be viewed by a group of people simultaneously as it is spoken.

Real time captioner

Real time captioner is a boon to students who are hard of hearing, slow learners and also students with learning disabilities. This special variety of Voice-to-Text Service is extensively used by the hearing impaired and is generally popular as real time captioning for deaf. 

However, you could use the services of a remote CART provider to assist any student with difficulty processing spoken language, either due to hearing disabilities or due to lack of acquaintance with the language to participate in group discussions, presentations, meetings, seminars and conventions.

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