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Court Interpretation Services

Our professional court interpreters help such individuals have equal access to justice and help court proceedings function efficiently and effectively. The communication in courtroom proceedings is highly complex and the professional knowledge, skills and ability required of a court interpreter are highly complex.

Certification in court interpreting is required for Spanish, Navajo and Haitian Creole. Therefore, we have made it mandatory that our court interpreters are professional and certified; have court access, cultural experience, communication skills and strong code of ethics to be successful.

Language interpretation services in courts

Language interpretation services in courts require great attention to details and high accuracy of delivered message. We provide experienced court certified interpreters who have the interpreting abilities and the cultural knowledge to become unique communication tools that guarantee the transparency and the accuracy of the information exchange that takes place in court hearings, arbitrations, trials, depositions and other court procedures.

We provide certified, professionally qualified and language skilled interpreters for Supreme Court, federal court, national court and national center state courts. The single greatest requirement in the federal courts is for Spanish language interpreters. However, we also offer services in languages such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Arabic.

Our court interpretation services guarantees confidentiality and transparency. Our court interpreters never add, omit or distort the intended meaning of the messages. All our interpreters have signed non-disclosure agreements so that you can completely trust in the confidentiality of our services.