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Azerbaijani Transcription
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Azerbaijani Transcription Services

Transcription Services US provides excellent Azerbaijani transcription services to various sectors and industries including:

We receive the Azerbaijani audio sound files and video formats in mp3, dss, mpg, wav, wma in CD’s and DVD’s. A transcription or translation quote is prepared by us and the clients can get their Azerbaijani transcription from audio tapes, mini tapes and micro cassettes.

Transcription Services US has been providing Azerbaijani transcription services for quite long time. It provides different kinds of Azerbaijani transcription and translation services to the clients. The Azerbaijani transcription rates at which we provide our services are worthy of what the clients pay to us when compared to other Azerbaijani transcription service providers.

We have many offers lined up for our clients. Our first time customers can also avail the free trial from the company. We also have the best turnaround time in the industry as we workd on a tight schedule. Our company has a 15 day money back guarantee so that the clients can avail that facility in case of any differences in services. These exciting offers make our company stand out in the industry.

Major Cities We Serve

We provide Azerbaijani Transcription in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Boston and Jacksonville. Transcription Services US also provides Azerbaijani Translation Services.

Some of the transcription process includes Arabic Transcription, German transcription, Spanish transcription, Korean transcription, Chinese Transcription and French transcription.

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