Transcription services is the voice to text conversion of interviews, conference calls, business speeches, discussions, lectures, briefings, etc. Our popular transcription services include those for audio, video, legal, interview, and media transcriptions. We charge a flat rate of $0.99/min.
TYPES OF TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES : Audio Transcription, Legal Transcription, Phone Transcription
We have gained expertise in providing translation services to more than 100 major languages all over the world for a pricing fixed at $20/page. Our team comprises of professional translators and native linguists who are competently trained and experienced in handling toughest of the translation jobs.
TYPES OF TRANSLATION SERVICES : Audio Translation, Legal Translation, Movie Translation
We offer prime quality word and time synchronized captions credited with 98% accuracy for a pricing starting at $1/min for English and $7/min for other languages. Our company specializes in providing precise captioning services, despite poor quality audio/video files, challenging content, or difficult accents.
TYPES OF CAPTIONING SERVICES : Closed Captioning, Open Captioning, Video Captioning
We are providing premium quality multilingual subtitling widely for TV programs, videos, podcasts, and webcasts for a pricing starting at $1/min for English and $7/min for other languages. Our accurate, prompt, and broadcast quality services make us your top choice.

TYPES OF SUBTITLING SERVICES : Video Subtitling, Close caption subtitle,Translation and subtitling,
For years, we have a signature of delivering quick and precise typing services for a pricing starting at $2/page without formatting and $3/page with formatting. We offer typing services in various local and foreign languages. We excel in editing or proofreading raw text as per the specifications of clients.
TYPES OF TYPING SERVICES : Audio Typing, Document Typing, Web Typing
We provide top-of-the-line voice over services with our resident voice over talents who deliver versatile, fast, and perfect voice over performances, tailor-fit to your project for a starting rate from $128. Additionally, we have voice transcriptionists who will deliver efficient voice transcriptions for you round the clock.
We offer comprehensive choices for host talents (actors and actresses), who are trained and experienced as video spokespersons starts from $60. Our Video Spokesperson service is top rated, employing professional talents that deliver effective, results-generating, and timely solutions that will give life to your websites and business domains.

TYPES OF VIDEOSPOKESPERSON SERVICES : Video presenter, Website spokesperson, Web presenter
We are your expert video animation hub equipped with modern technology and top of the line equipments to ensure that every project that we undertake is processed perfectly in all aspects. If you need quality video animation, our team of certified video animation professionals can transform your videos into a stunning success at a price starting from $60.
TYPES OF VIDEO ANIMATION SERVICES : 3D Visualization , Animated Explainer Videos , Whiteboard Videos
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